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GEN 01 Character is a fictional character, any resemblance

to other events are entirely coincidental.



Are you ready to join this battle for fame and fortune?

Our world is divided, humanity can't find a way to coexist.

Does the answer lies on a new leader? on a new throne?

or will it represent the end of everything?

Is not about the prize, it's about the journey.


Road to glory

0% Start to spread the world though the land, the throne is open.

Twitter Creation, Discord Creation, First Giveaways

and organic growth goal. Whitelisting only for Hyped Dogs

members and the first 150 members on our discord.

10% COT owners see a new world.

COT NFTs giving access to exclusive information, giveaways and more.

25% Real Kings have a portrait painting in the hall.

Owners of 10 COT NFT will get a free printable PDF of one of their collectibles. The pdf includes QR code and will be a courtesy of Hyped NFT Club.

50% Staking.

Staking will be available to COT members, for passive income.

80% Staking Multiplier.

Multiplier will be announced when we reach 80% minted.

100% The throne is taken.

Whoever owns more COT NFT will get a custom THRONE CROWN NFT and will be eligible to get 1% of the royalties.

If the crown is sold, the new owner starts to get the Royalties.

Rankings will be important to further genartions [More TBA], right now we will keep a certain mystery.



By owning a COT NFT you are eligible to the MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM offered by Hyped NFT Club, which means IN REAL LIFE perks, such

as 20% discount on BLACKSMITH service, to engrave your NFT on steel! 

Bit Care Agency is responsible for our in Real Life membership partnerships.

More partnerships will be announced as we go!

hyped coin.png

To know more about membership click on

the Hyped Coin.

The Artist



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