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Cro Succubus is an ART collection, that seeks to bring together the community that loves our vision and art.

Sweet NFT world, surrounded with dreams and hopes.

Isn't it a beautiful thing dream we are all living? 

As this new world unfolds and we get hypinotize by

cultural movements within the art and the personification

of investments through design and visuals.

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Dare to dream, dare to appreciate art.



0% It all started with a chill in my spine.

Twitter Creation, Discord Creation, First Giveaways

and organic growth goal. Whitelisting only for Hyped Dogs

members and the first 100 members on our discord.

10% Euphoria raised through my body.

CSC NFTs giving access to exclusive information, giveaways and more.

25% Some say our spirits live in photos.

Owners of 10 CSC NFT will get a free printable PDF of 1 of their collectibles. The pdf includes QR code and will be a courtesy of Hyped NFT Club.

50% Staking.

Staking will be available to CSC members, for passive income.

We encourage our collectors to make the math and decide if it's worth it.

Always DYOR and enjoy art!

100% What a beautiful dream it is.

We plan to do charity with 2% of the royalties, to victms of the war (We are looking for organizations and we are accepting suggestions).

50% of the Royalties from 2d market will be used to reward our members.

110% The chosen!

There are 4 special MINTS on this evil collection! The persons that MINT those NFTs will have special perks and prizes!.

666% Roadmap 2.0

Keep your eyes wide awake, cause your soul I might take.

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Im an upcoming art, i love to create and to show the world how much we can impact our society with images and heart!

Im passioned about this and for me it's a pleasure to meet so many amazing persons on this journey.

Thank you for the support.

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