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Doomed Warriors

Fortune Favors the  Doomed
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We are more than an NFT we are a Community.

Our Army

Our team is creating a huge world of collections and it all starts now!

Our mission is to dominate CRYPTO.COM Collections and CRONOS marketplace.


Doomed Warrior GEN 1 is PFP collection with 600 NFTs living on Crypto.Org chain!

Stay alert for the announcement of Doomed Warrior Valhalla on AGORA marketplace (cronos smart chain.)



DEVIL, ONI and ODIN have made a pact.

The invasion

Doomed Warriors souls invade CRYPTO.COM marketplace.

No more sunny days or 8bit happy characters, our doomed army is here to dominate this helm.

Making a stand

Doomed Warrior got a volume of 5.000$ in less than a month.

Chaos has been unleashed on this helm.

The echo of souls

Doomed Warriors were called to invade CRONOS smart chain.

Seems that one helm won't be enought for our warriors!

ODIN is joining this battle!

We are hungry!

Fortune Favors the Doomed

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- Exclusive giveaways to members.

- Global Networking

- Discounts

- More TBA


Owning a Doomed Warrior is more than having an avatar or a cool art piece.

You are now part of an ARMY and member of a community with features exclusive to you. Click on the Warrior and know more about it.

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Stay tuned on twitter for ONI'S announcements

ONI's pick 

ONI will randomly pick the lucky winners who will be able to purchase Doomed Warrior for 15$.

- Winners can't be picked for at least 5 days.

Soul Burst

Souls will spawn randomly

Auction Battle

ronin_color [Converted].png

This will be announced ahead of time and they can have a longer of smaller duration depending on community voting.

ONI announcement

It will be announced when to drop.

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