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Hyped Dogs Utility

-MEMBERSHIP: By owning a Hyped Dog you are a member and have access to it's perks.

(check our membership section)

- STAKING: stake your Dogs for passive income on CyborgSwap (chronoswap).

More dogs, more earnings.

- STAKING MULTIPLIER: stake will get a 10x multiplier when we reach 50% of the minting.

- PRINTABLE PDF: If you have 5 dogs or more you can get free printable PDF that

can be framed and placed on your house.

- CUSTOM NFT: If you have more than 15 dogs, you get

custom Hyped Dogs arts on CDC.

- Exclusive giveaways for each discord role/rank.

- We are developing wearables on decentraland to be available to our members and also we

are going to teach how they can make their own and give an open project template. [On development]

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